Naheed has been absolutely brilliant and I cannot fault the training! Naheed has been exactly what I needed, pushing me harder every week but supporting me the whole time. I have never felt like I couldn't do it as the encouragement is constant and I have seen some incredible results in both my appearance and my overall health and strength. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!

Chloe Jeatt

Can highly recommend Naheed. Extensive consultation to assess exactly what you’re looking for and the training sessions were enjoyable and challenging. I looked forward to each session with Naheed. Knowledgable, Motivating and Approachable .. but most of all you get results!

Rebecca Elston

I had the good fortune to be recommended Naheed from zek fitness to me for some much needed personal training!! Awesome!!!! Our sessions were filled with laughs and great chat but I was soaked through after every session. Very hard workouts made to be fun by a very lovely, friendly , genuinely great person, trainer!! My results were instant and the training was everchanging which is refreshing and made hard work fly by!!!and it continues to be great!! Very highly recommend!!!

Sian Henson

Naheed has been absolutely brilliant and I cannot fault the training! Naheed has been exactly what I needed, pushing me harder every week but supporting me the whole time. I have never felt like I couldn't do it as the encouragement is constant and I have seen some incredible results in both my appearance and my overall health and strength. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!

Matthew McCritchie

Naheed is simply amazing! The best PT ever. After years of going to the gym/running, being completely intimated by weights in the gym, I was never achieving the tone I wanted. Since working with Naheed for just a few months I’ve noticed such a difference, more toned, strong and overall feeling great...and not afraid to enter the weights room! As well and the training I think I lose calories from the amount of laughter we have! Simply the best �

Karen Waadenburg

Naheed has been my Personal Trainer for over a year. What amazes me is her knowledge and how she is able to devise so much different exercises in my programs. In addition to this, I always walk away from her sessions feeling they were really productive. Her drive and motivation is infectious! And somehow she manages to make it fun! Anyone who decides to take Naheed on will not be disappointed!!

Jessica Joyce

Amazing support from an amazing woman! Naheed is so supportive and able to help you achieve the goals you want! I enjoy my sessions so much that I just keep booking more! I wouldn’t have been able to do a quarter of the workout without you so thank you.

Lisa Byron

I have been training with Naheed since June and can highly recommend her as a PT to anyone. I have always avoided exercise but as I’m getting older I was keen to get stronger and tone up. Since training with Naheed I have changed my eating habits, lost weight and am definitely getting stronger. I feel so much better as well. I enjoy my sessions at the gym with Naheed as she is good fun and great company. She varies my sessions with lots of different exercises and tailors the sessions to my particular needs and concerns. I have even started going to the gym on my own now which is an absolute miracle!!

Louise Aslangul

What a fantastic trainer. For the first time in my life I actually enjoy working out. Naheed is such a great trainer and an ever better person! She's always so full of fun and we laugh through every session.

Laura Seoighe

I haven't exercised much since the birth of my two boys, Naheed was AMAZING at getting me back to exercise. She is really supportive and comes up with varied programs to keep the work outs interesting. Highly recommend her as a personal trainer.

Rebecca Percossi

Naheed is a really enthusiastic personal trainer! She designs tailor made plans to your goals and is very generous with her time. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to become stronger and healthier  She is fab!

Aishah Az

Naheed is amazing! Fun and motivating, when I'm not exercising I'm laughing! Supportive and encouraging, totally recommend.

Rana Tandon

So many good things to say about Naheed! Best personal trainer ever! A thorough assessment at the beginning, took all my measurements and made sure she new exactly what I wanted to focus on. Made me feel totally at ease and positive about my goals. I can't recommend her enough - fun, focussed, energetic, professional! Definitely worth the money. She goes above and beyond, has tailored written a "home workout" plan for me so I can keep on top of my fitness outside of our sessions. Go with Naheed if you want to have fun and keep fit at he same time

Paula Rzepa-Smithson

Having Naheed as my PT has been game changing for not just my fitness but my lifestyle. Prior to Naheed I was an irregular gym-goer. I found Naheed through a recommendation and from day 1 Naheed gave me the structure I needed. From bespoke meals plans, daily motivation and most importantly killer work-outs. She changes up the routine and her sessions are so much fun! Her enthusiasm and determination is contagious and after every session on re-energised to stay on track.
Thank you Naheed for your relentless support and motivation.

Safia Miy

I am very blessed to have found Naheed, she is such a fun personal trainer. I look forward to our sessions each week. She listened to what I wanted to achieve and tailored a plan for me. We work out weekly and her new studio is amazing. She has also adhered to all the Covid sanitation regulations … it feels very safe there. Naheed is very knowledgable about anatomy and nutrition and also now Pilates. I look forward to training with her in my 80's

Basia Szumska Hare

Naheed was absolutely wonderful in helping make our training sessions fun, adapted to my needs and really set me at ease. I am a very self conscious and reluctant exerciser but I loved every session we had.
I can’t recommend Naheed enough!

Sally Donaldson

I first contacted Naheed in late November, with a bit of a cry for help! After two years of mindless eating, and little to no exercise, I really needed to take control, so I emailed Naheed...
I live 5,000 miles away in California, so I was asking whether or not she could train me from afar. The answer was yes!! We have a weekly meeting over FaceTime, where Naheed sets me an exercise plan (via email), demonstrates the technique, and discusses diet.
Only six weeks on and I feel like a new person. I have lost pounds and inches, but much much more importantly than that, I have changed my attitude towards food and exercise. I have so much to thank Naheed for. Her warmth, sensitivity and kindness has made the transition so seamless. She has motivated me to become mindful and focused.
Starting a new year/decade with this different mindset feels amazing. I feel so motivated, and get excited when I know I’m about to speak to Naheed. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Natalie Gale-Hazard

I took the plunge and started working with Naheed only 2 months ago after recommendations from her other clients. I told Naheed what I wanted to focus on and she put together a customised plan - there is no ‘winging’ it with Naheed. She plans everything and mixes up the exercises to target all the different muscles. I’m glad that she doesn’t make me run on a treadmill because I can do that myself. Naheed is so genuine and easy to get along with. I just feel happy to be around her as her positive attitude rubs off and she does not make unrealistic promises. I’ve lost 4kg in 2 months just with Naheed’s workouts and nutrition advice. Can’t think of anything more I’d need. Thanks so much

Becca Morais