Week 1
chloe c
Week 18

Chloe initially lost a huge amount of weight before approaching me for personal training.

The goal here was to increase the tone all over,  lift and tighten the body.

A structured program allowed us to really target the problem areas. Not only did Chloe achieve the results she wanted but also continued to lose more weight.


Week 1
Week 10

Komal was really frustrated with not loosing weight around the tummy.

Despite doing classes she was not getting the results.

We set up a nutrition plan and also put together a structured tailor-made program to help her reach her goals.

There was no diet ….. just an approach of embracing a healthier lifestyle.


Week 1
mark b
Week 10

Mark was a client who approached me to build muscle gain more definition in his upper body in particular.

Within 10 weeks the results were visible.

I used structured, isolated muscle group training in Mark’s training and the results speak for themselves…

meghan A
Week 1
meghan b
Week 10


Megan hated coming to the gym and exercise. Mainly due to the fact that she wasn’t sure how to use the exercise machines or what to do next…

In addition to providing a structured program I also made sure Meghan was better informed on right form and an overview of which muscle groups we were working.

Not only did Megan gain confidence but also now goes to the gym by herself in addition to training with me. In the process she has lost a phenomenal amount of weight and is going from strength to strength.


trish week 1
Week 1
trish week 10
Week 10

Trisha had just had a baby 7 months earlier and was really frustrated with her post-baby weight gain. 

We devised a program to target mainly upper body on the days she was training with me and also a program for her to do at home. This was due to her not being able to come to the gym and working a time around baby. 

We kept track of her progress which was visible to both me and Trisha.


Week 1
Week 8

Becca wanted to tone up for a holiday which was in 8 weeks. We trained 2 times a week focussing on strength and HITT training combined. We also discussed nutrition in detail and a tailor made program allowed Becca to achieve her goals and feel strong at the same time. Fantastic results in just 8 weeks !!


Week 1
lisaAfter 1004
Week 10

Lisa’s main goal was to loose weight around the tummy and generally tone all over. Working out at the gym was not getting results as Lisa didn’t really know what she had to do, so Lisa came to me.

Following a detailed consultation I put together a tailor made program to target these areas.

We had regular reviews and discussed any issues/setbacks to ensure we stay focussed and on track.