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Bored with the same old same old routine? Not seeing the progress you’d like? Not sure what to do or start your fitness journey? Then look no further !

I am a personal trainer – based in Ealing – specialising in: Weight loss transformation, Resistance training, strength and conditioning, body sculpting, core stability, Corrective exercise specialist, and nutrition.

Whether you desire to workout in a private studio or prefer online coaching, I will be by your side every step of the way with regular reviews to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

A detailed consultation allows me to put together a tailor made program to help you achieve your goals, with the addition of using an app that logs and tracks your progress.

Let me help you achieve a better you !

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Results that speak for themselves

Week 1
Week 18

Chloe had already lost quite a bit of weight before she approached me for personal training.

The challenge was to tone up, improve and then maintain her levels of fitness to make these changes something that became part of her lifestyle.

It only took a few months to transform how Chloe looks and feels about her new body…